Congratulations to The Honorable John Milner DSC #185.

4th Brother from Eta Sigma Chapter to be Inducted into the Fraternity Highest Chapter and Honor.

Author: Brother Dallas Foster, 2017

Brother John L. Milner, a prominent member and leader in Eta Sigma, a local chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, has been awarded that organization’s most coveted and prestigious badge of honor, membership into the Distinguished Service Chapter.

Over the past 104 years, only 186 Brothers from a membership covering more than 250,000 during that period have ever been inducted into the Distinguished Service Chapter.

Gaining memebership into this most exclusive and select group is based upon documented evidence of one’s exceptional service to his community, local chapter, Regional Division, the National Organization, and professional achievements.

After the candidate’s credentials are carefully reviewed and judged by the designated Evaluation Committee, he is recommended or not recommended by that body to the General Board of Phi Beta Sigma; and then accepted only if the recommendation is approved by the National Body during a formal business session.

Brother Milner sailed through the approval and acceptance hurdles with relative ease. His nomination was unanimous. His induction into the Distinguished Service Chapter was one of the highlights of the fraternity’s Semi-Annual international meeting that was held in Detroit, Mich. July 18-2017.

Dr. Dudley E. Flood, a close personal friend and mentor of Brother Milner, was one of the primary supporters for this singular honor. He had long emphasized that the volume and quality of Milner’s service made him an eligible and worthy recipient of this great honor.

Only three other Brothers from the local chapter have ever gained membership into the Distinguished Service Chapter. They are the late Dr. James A. Clarke, Mr. W.L. Rose, and Dr. Dudley E. Flood. Dr. Flood was given the honor of pinning Brother Milner during the induction ceremony.

In Eta Sigma, the lcal chapter, Brother Milner is appreciated, loved, and admired for his leadership and services. Few Brothers have ever epitomized the Sigma spirit, realized its motto or raised its banner higher than Brother Milner. He is often alluded to as the “Great Sigma.”

Brother Peter Adams, a graduate of St. Augustine’s University, North Carolina Central University Law School, and a former president of the International Organization of Sigmas, is president of the fraternity’s Distinguished Service Chapter